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 Da Rulez of the sacred RPG

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PostSubject: Da Rulez of the sacred RPG   Wed Oct 15, 2008 4:13 pm

These are the rules for RPGs that I wrote for another forum. They are more commonly known as Da Rulez of the sacred RPG. They go as followed:

First off, no godmodding. If you don't know what this is, then this is what it is.

Second, no control over another's character without permission. Here's an example, with me as Logan, and another player as Drake: "Drake drew his gun and fired at Logan, killing him." Unacceptable, this is what it should be: "Drake drew his gun and fired at Logan." and the person playing as Logan would have to post or the leader can decide what might happen. You can make another player's character speak and do some actions, but no major action, decisions or dialogue.

Third, the RPG leader (the one who created it) is in control, and may kill off or put one's character in certain, sometimes tricky situations (that is if the player didn't do so already), but may not do so to gain an advantage over another.

Fourth, disrespect towards fellow players or the leader can get you kicked from the RPG, and also, if the member fails to post often enough, the character may or may not become an NPC, or Non-Playable-Character, and be put under the complete control of the leader.

Fifth, NPCs,or Non-Playable Characters will most likely be in an RPG. Although NPCs cannot be controlled completely, unless given permission by the leader, a player can control things like speech and actions, but not thoughts. Only a leader or a player with the permission of theleader may do so.

Sixth, post often, but no double posting. Editing a post won't do any good either, so if you want to add to your post, instead, wait for someone else to post. Post often, post well. Also, on the subject of posting, posts should be well thought out and try not to make them dialogue only, add action, but at least one line of dialogue sould be found somewhere in the post.

Seventh, If you want to speak outside of the role play, but in the same post a your role play, use two brakets, like so, with the Logan character returning from rule two:

((I'll be gone for a week))
Logan drew his gun, and aimed it at the enemy, etc and so on.

In this case, the character would be put into NPC status until the member's return.

Eighth, and most importantly, have fun. Nobody likes a party pooper.

As an addition, all other rules for the forum must be followed as well. These can be viewed in the CoC.

There may also be team-based RPGs, like, for example, one side is the Rebel Alliance, whereas the other side in the Galactic Empire, and there would be members on either side. Members on the same team may comunicate with each other via PM for any strategies and such, but you cannot change side in the role play unless the overseer (most likely the leader, who will take no part in the action him/herself, but does have the usual leader privileges) allows it, but the strategies for the abandonned team should change.

Plus, for RPGs, you may sign up to as many as you want, but do not create to many. Two or three is enough, but try to stick with one at a time. Also, you may not be accepted into the RPG, so don't take a fit or don't say the person doesn't like you, it may be full, or spots may be reseved, thus filling it anyway, or the sign up may not be complete over a long period of time, OR the sign up is just to crummy and/or unbelievable, and is not changed at all.

Apart from that, spam is usually the worst problem. During the real RPG, small, two line posts are considered spam. Random posts having nothing to do with the subject, like stating "Where is he? He hasn't been online for a week." is unacceptable. Although yo can post as much as you want, please DO NOT double post. It will be considerd spam, and most likely be deleted.

To the creators and leaders of RPGs, you may put limits on how many players you would like, you may base the RPG on anything, it being fan fiction on it's own, but as far as rejecting players goes, you may not reject someone because you don't like them, and, although you may be able to reserve spots, don't reserve them all, just about two, unless you are restarting one, and all the old players have remained, then there's an exception.

If there's not enough sign-ups (there should always be a minimum to start) the topic should be closed within four (4) days of inactivity. It might not be, but most likely, it will be.

Please annouce short departures in the short departures thread, and announce other inconsistencies, like six hours of school a day, in an out of RPG post. *See Seven*

Repeated violations of these rules will not be tolerated by the administration.

This thread is locked for the greater good of mankind.

Those are the rules in this topic, so for any questions regarding the rules, please contact me, Bioskorpion, via PM or e-mail for any questions, or get ahold of me on the chatbox, and I'll try to answer your questions asap.


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Da Rulez of the sacred RPG
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